House of Seafood (螃蟹之家)

House of Seafood

Ask anyone what’s a typical Singaporean’s favourite food and I am sure “crabs” will be one of the answers. I am a big-time lover of crabs, especially “Black Pepper Crabs”.

However, due to work and family commitments, the last time I had crabs was probably more than 6 months ago. To make matter worse, there is this advertisement on the radio station by the “House of Seafood” going on for the past few months. Can you imagine the craving? 😉

Last night, I made a casual remark to my wife if we should have crabs for dinner and she said “Yes!”. Woo hoo … So the question was “Where?”. The first place that came to my mind was naturally “House of Seafood” (螃蟹之家)!

They just opened a new outlet at a rather remote area in Singapore. In fact, it’s right beside Singapore Changi International Airport and you can literally see the aircrafts taking off / landing from the restaurant.

To make up for its inconvenient location, the place was very nicely done up. There are 2 choices of dining. You can either choose to dine in air-conditioned room or in outdoor huts like the one above.

We had the famous Black Pepper Crab and trust me, it’s definitely one of the best in town. Try it and you won’t regret. It’s also very reasonably priced at $42 per kg. The other dish that I recommend is the Stir Fry Venison with Spring Onion. Though it’s a very common dish in Singapore, it’s not easy to cook it well and tender. House of Seafood did this very well.

There were also facilities to keep the children occupied, including a playground.


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