General Elections 2011 Preview

Please vote me

Tomorrow (7 May 2011) is an important day for all Singaporeans. It’s the day where we give our leaders (the ruling party) their result slip for their work in the past five years. Tomorrow we shall vote for the members of parliament.

Let me introduce a new candidate and his name is “Change”. Please vote for him.

No arrogance, please

Why should we vote for him? First of all, he is not arrogant nor complacent. When he made mistakes, he will reflect upon them. If it’s really his mistake, he will apologize without any demand. More importantly, he believes that nobody is indispensible. It’s too arrogant to think there is no one else who can do his job, or do it better than him. [ Background 1]

Check and Balance

Secondly, there is always a need for check and balance in every system. What’s the point of having debates when everybody is under the same leader / governance or party whip?

A heart to serve

And because he has a heart to serve, he can provide alternative views in the parliament. And because he has the passion to serve, he can provide the check and balance before any policy is rolled out. He may not be able to build a MRT for us, but I am sure he is definitely more than capable to be our voice in parliament. [ Background 2]

No more mask

Last but not least, he has decided not to put on a mask anymore and I know he is not the only one. I respect BG Yeo for having the courage to post a very sincere video that he is willing to be our voice in parliament. But unfortunately this reaction from him was too little too late. We need people who are not in the control of the party whip in order for the check and balance to work.

Below are some of the photos taken during the rallies.


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