Guests from afar

Come meet Patty (the possum) and Kiwi (the Kookaburra). They are Clarissa’s and Alycia’s new pets that Uncle Anthony and Aunty Siew Chin brought all the way from Melbourne, Australia.

Uncle Anthony is my father-in-law’s buddy when they worked together more than 20 years ago. He had since migrated to Melbourne and they had not met each other for a long time until we visited them in Melbourne in 2009. Uncle was very happy to see us then and he showed us great hospitality and gave us a nice treat at an Italian restaurant. After that, we ended the evening with much fun feeding the possums at a nearby park.

Uncle Anthony and Aunty Siew Chin

Time flies and when we learnt that they are making a short trip to Singapore, the kids were very excited to meet them again. We were told that this was supposed to be a “eating trip” for Uncle Anthony and hence we planned for a seafood dinner at the Singapore Flyer; where we had the famous chilli crab.

Helix Bridge

After dinner, we took a stroll on the helix bridge towards the Marina Bay Sands where they had the chance to look at the YOG (Youth Olympic Games) park and the casino. Singapore has developed so much in recent years that this was also the first time for my parents-in-laws too.

ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands

Unfortunately Uncle and Aunty will be traveling to Malaysia on Friday. If not, we could be a better host during the weekend.


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