Clarissa loves swimming

Clarissa's Swimming Lesson

Last Sunday was Clarissa’s first swimming lesson and she enjoyed it thoroughly. After the lesson, we had the following conversation.

Clarissa: Daddy, did you take any photos of me?
Me: Oops, I didn’t. I will take the photos next week, ok?
Clarissa: Next week? But it won’t be my first lesson …
*** And she was quite sad ***
Clarissa: Ok. You take next week, but you tell people it’s my first lesson, ok?
*** And she grinned ***

So here are the photos that I took on her 2nd lesson (ahem … 1st lesson). 😉

Warming up

Listening attentively to the instructor

Putting into practice immediately

Lesson 1: Head into water

After overcoming the fear of going underwater, the instructor next taught her some basic strokes such as kicking. At the end of the lesson, Clarissa could swim about one body length without the float and I thought that was quite good.

After an hour of hard work, she was tired and yet happy. I hope that she can keep up the spirit ... 😉


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