2 bottles for $2

We received a call from Clarissa’s form teacher, Ms Tan, today and she informed us that she caught Clarissa doing a transaction with her classmate Rany in school. Since Clarissa is only 6 years old, she doesn’t have any pocket money for school, let alone the $2 that she used to buy the plastic bottles from Rany. We were really surprised as we didn’t know anything about this and for that matter, where did she get the money from? This is something that we want to find out and here’s the full story…

Mommy: Clarissa, Ms Tan called to inform me that you bought something from Rany. Is that true?

Clarissa: Yes, mommy. I bought 2 bottles from her for $2.
*** She started giggling ***

Mommy: What? 2 bottles for $2? What do you want the bottles for?

Clarissa: No …. Actually I wanted her ring but she said she lost it. And so she is selling me the bottles instead.

Mommy: Har? What happened to her ring?

Clarissa: I don’t know. I saw her wearing the ring last Friday and wanted her to give to me. She said cannot and so I said I will buy from her for $2 on Monday.

Mommy: Then how did it become 2 bottles?

Clarissa: Rany said she lost the ring and so she brought 2 bottles instead. I thought about it and  said ok. So I gave her the $2.

Mommy: And where did you get the $2? Why didn’t I know about it?

Clarissa: I have $10, remember? This morning both you and daddy were busy and so I went to my wallet and get the money myself.

*** We did give her $10 during the last Chinese New Year to spend and apparently she didn’t spend all of it. 😉 ***

Mommy: Then where are the bottles that you paid for $2?

Clarissa: Aiya … It’s all because of that busybody Lovell! She told Ms Tan about us and Ms Tan confiscated the bottles and money.

*** Then Clarissa did her trademark rolling eye balls ***


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