Clarissa’s Dream House

Hey, this is my first writing.

Clarissa has always been a chatty girl and she is that kind who can talk non-stop during a car journey. Take for instance the 20 minute car ride to her enrichment class yesterday, she was telling me how much she wanted a bungalow and started describing her ideal home. So I told her “Why don’t you write down all these fantastic ideas of yours and then when we have the money, we can really buy a house like that?”. Of course, I was just kidding her. There’s no way we could afford a 5 storey bungalow in Singapore; being an employee. 😉

So I did tell her that it’s almost impossible for us to afford a big house like that and she agreed. Then she followed up and said “Well, we can build the house with lego. At least it’s still our house, right?” Like what I always tell my friends, she is so adorable and is always full of surprises. Yes, we can definitely afford to buy some lego bricks and build a big house (for her).

Below is the scanned copy of her work and we didn’t help her much except for a few words that she couldn’t spell. It’s pretty much her effort, her maiden composition. 😉

My ideal house is a ...


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