Just got wiser … by getting rid of the irritating wisdom tooth

Wow! What a big tooth you have ...

This wisdom tooth of mine had been giving me problems every now and then and each time, it’s always inflammation of the gum around it. The pain is not exactly unbearable but it’s just very irritating. When it attacks, I won’t be able to bite or open my mouth wide as my gum is swollen. And each time, it will last for about a week or two. The last time I had this inflammation was about 1.5 years ago.

Without any prior signs or symptoms, the pain came back again last Sunday. However, it was more painful this time. I wonder if age has anything to do with one’s threshold for pain? Anyway, I am very determined this time to sever all ties with this good friend of mine for good.

The dentist first did an x-ray of my wisdom tooth and then advised me on the procedure, risks, etc, i.e. the usual disclaimer stuff. Everything was alright until the dentist told me that I will be given four local anesthetic injections. What? Four injections? FYI, I have phobia of injections. The thought of being “poked” four times by the syringe really challenged my will…

To be honest, that was about all the pain. I didn’t feel any sensation after the four dreadful injections. The dentist cut my tooth in halves and pulled the roots (3 of them) out of my gum. Throughout this process, I didn’t feel any pain. However, there were other problems though. For instance, I could still hear the drilling of the tooth, feel the pulling of the tooth and the worst of all, see the reflections of my bloody gum in the dentist’s visor!

Five hours after the extraction, the effects of the anaesthesia must have worn out by now. I can feel my jaws again and surprisingly the pain is quite bearable. Hopefully this will get better by the day … Keeping my fingers crossed.


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