Langkawi – Part 2 (Cable Car, Seven Wells, Oriental Village)

Langkawi Suspension Bridge

As promised, this is the second part of the Langkawi series (You can read part one here).

On this day we took the cable car to the top of the Machincang mountain range and the suspension bridge was one of the key reasons why we chose Langkawi as our holiday destination. To get to the bridge, you need to take the cable car at the Oriental Village, which is like a themed shopping centre. Besides the cable car, there are other activities such as four-wheel drive and flying fox in the village as well. My advice is to go early for the cable car ride as the access to the bridge is subject to weather permitting. In the event that the bridge is closed, at least you could do the other activities first and then the bridge later. In our case, we reached there around 10am and the bridge was closed due to bad weather conditions. The cable car, however, was in operation. Keeping our fingers crossed, we bought the tickets for the cable car and prayed that the weather would clear for us… And our prayers were answered. 😉

The cable car base station (ticketing booth)

Each cable car can take upto 6 people and everybody just queued in the predrawn boxes. Nice and orderly.

A journey to the cloud

First glimpse of the suspension bridge

There are two stations (middle and top) where you could alight from the cable car. As our objective was the bridge, we didn’t alight at the middle station. Instead we took the cable car all the way to the top. From there, we had a take a short walk (about eight minutes) to the bridge. Despite the short distance, it was quite challenging for some of the older people as they had to take some steep stairs and slopes. Handrails were available though.

Hopefully this gives you an idea of the steepness of the stairs

Tracking to the bridge

The view is simply breathtaking

Reverse view from the bridge

The sky cleared up very quickly (for us). LOL!

Overview of the bridge

Cafe at the Top station

The Top Station

All in all, we spent about an hour (round trip) to the suspension bridge. If I am not wrong, there is a trek up to the suspension bridge from the middle station. Since we didn’t do the middle station at all, I cannot confirm on this. You may want to plan more time if you intend to explore the middle station. Let me know if you do and what did I miss. 😉

Here are some pictures of the Oriental Village.

Oriental Village

Cooling radish on a hot day - Shiok!

After lunch, we proceeded to the Telaga Tujuh waterfall (or more commonly known as Seven Wells), which was just minutes away from the Oriental Village. To be very frank, I don’t think the waterfall was very majestic and I have definitely seen bigger ones. But having said that, it was a rather nice place to chill out on a hot day. Remember to put on a pair of denim shorts so that you can slide down the rocks – The children will love this. There are washing facilities at the top of the waterfall too. Hence have no worries, bring along an extra change of clothes and have fun! 😉


The trek up to the top of the waterfall was actually very tough. We spent almost thirty minutes to trek up the slopes/stairs that were inclined at about 40° on average. Check out the photos below for proof …

After the exhausting walk, we finally made it to the top. 😉

Natural water slide

As we made our way down, we realized that there was another trek (around the midway to the top) that led us to the foot of the waterfall. This was definitely a much better place for swimming. Too bad that we didn’t really have much time then and hence could only take a few pictures before we moved on to the next destination. If you like nature, Seven Wells is a good choice and you should allow for at least 3 hours to enjoy the relaxation in the water.

That’s all for now. My original intention was to cover the beach in this entry but I think the content is already quite heavy. Hence I will move the beach photos to the last part of the series instead, i.e. together with the hotel and its surrounding. I will work on Part 3 as soon as possible and do check back again cos it is going to be another exciting day – A full day at the Payar Island Marine Park. See you!

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