Nam Hwa Chiang Fish Head Steamboat (南华昌鱼头炉)

Nam Hwa Chiang Fish Head Streamboat

To decide where to eat has always been a headache for me – a big headache in fact. Tonight was no exception until my daughter gave me a brilliant idea. She said “Daddy, I want to eat steamboat”. Ah … Steamboat! I have not had that for a long while and it got me excited. So I google’d and found this stall – Nam Hwa Chiang Fish Head Steamboat Restaurant (南华昌鱼头炉), which is located at 35 Teck Chye Terrace Singapore 545733.

As we were told this stall is very popular, it’s better to make reservation. And I am glad we did. We reached the place at around 6.15pm and the car park was already full. If you need to park your car illegally (as shown below), the common practice is to leave your mobile number at the wind-screen of the car. It will allow the other car owners to call you if they need you to shift your vehicle.

Parking was basically a nightmare

The shop front

You have 5 choices of the fish for the steamboat, namely Pomfret, Red Snapper, Red Garoupa, Black Garoupa and ‘Song’ Fish. We chose Red Garoupa, but unfortunately there was a mix-up between our order and another customer’s. As a result, we got their Pomfret instead. The soup was equally delicious and we enjoyed it very much anyway. I am sure we will be back again. 😉

Traditional Charcoal Steamboat

Nothing was left


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