Paradise Pavilion Apple Wood Roasted Peking Duck

Paradise Pavilion at Marina Bay Financial Center

Recently, we signed up as a member of Paradise Group as it was quite a good deal. For $38, we got the following :

  • $45 preloaded in the membership card (which we used to offset the meal immediately)
  • an eVoucher* of $30 off Paradise Pavilion’s Apple Wood Roasted Peking Duck  (worth $88)
  • another eVoucher* of $25 off Dim Sum for dine-in on Saturday, Sunday and PH, at Paradise Pavilion only

Getting the membership seems like a no brainer. We paid $38 and received $45 rebate, which was used immediately for the meal we had. Besides, we would really love to try the Apple Wood Roasted Peking Duck and we reserved that meal for a special occasion … My wife’s birthday! 😉

The restaurant is located at Marina Bay Financial Centre (#02-01 Marina Bay Link Mall) and we were advised to park at B2. Since we went on a weekend, the carpark was quite empty. So I conveniently parked at the first available lot near the lift lobby at B1. It was only when we took the lift that we realized why we were advised to park at B2 – our lift lobby doesn’t bring us directly to the restaurant. Well, it’s no big deal as we just had to walk across to the next building, where the restaurant was situated.

At the entrance of the restaurant was this big fire stove where the Peking duck was roasted. The restaurant manager gave us a brief introduction that the chefs were hired from China and that they import apple wood for the roasting of the duck. The smoke from the apple wood is supposed to add some favour to the Peking duck. I am not a gourmet and thus I cannot really tell the difference that the apple wood made to the duck. All I can say is … the duck is great. 😉

The chef preparing the fire to roast the duck

Considering that we were a small group (two adults and two children) and we had to finish a whole duck, we couldn’t order too much food. It probably makes more sense to dine in bigger groups (as always with most Chinese cuisine).

So here’s what we ordered. For starters, we ordered Foise Gras. However, Chris was very disappointed cos it was different from her expectations. As the menu was presented in “western” style, i.e  starters, main course, dessert, etc, we were expecting it to be the French Foise Gras. Unfortunately, this is a Chinese restaurant and hence the liver we got was prepared in a Chinese style. Nevertheless, it was still tasty. They were a bit expensive at $16 each though. 😉

Homemade Foise Gras

Next, we had “Braised Edamame Tofu with Crabmeat” and “Sauteed Wild Fungus with Mushrooms”. And again, these two dishes didn’t fail us. I would rate them at least a eight (out of ten).

Braised Edamame Tofu with crabmeat

Sauteed Wild Fungus with Mushrooms

Then came the main dish – Apple Wood Roasted Peking Duck, which was served in three servings. The first was the skin where we were supposed to dip the skin in sugar.

Dipping the duck skin in sugar

The second serving was the duck’s breast – the meatiest of all. For these, we wrapped it in the “popiah” skin as demonstrated by my daughter in the photos below.

The final serving was the rest of the duck and actually I like this the most. The meat had a thin layer of fats and hence it was more succulent.

After the fulfilling dinner, we had a walk around the area and below are just some random shots taken before and after the dinner.

Bull sculpture

Marina Bay Financial Centre


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