Southern Ridges – Henderson Waves

View from Mount Faber

Our original plan didn’t include a trip to Henderson Waves of the Southern Ridges actually. The weather forecast for the day was supposed to be cloudy/raining. However on that day, the weather was kind to us and hence we shortened our trip to the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple so that we have some time to visit the Henderson Waves. You can read about our mini adventure at the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple (Chinatown) here.Henderson Waves is situated at Mount Faber and parking is a big problem there; Many cars actually had to illegally park their cars by the side of the road and we, too, parked at the bus bays. It was until later that we realized there is actually a decent car park further down the road – after The Jewel Box. Regardless of where do you park, be prepared to walk a lot of uphill. For those drivers with passengers, you may want to drop off your passengers at the destination (The Jewel Box or Henderson Waves) first before parking your car.

Our first stop at Mount Faber was The Jewel Box, which is basically a cluster of restaurants, as I have always wanted to dine in The Jewel Box. I have heard so much about its nice view and ambience that I must make the trip. While the adults were sipping their cup of coffee and enjoying the scenery, the kids could amuse themselves with the feeding of the koi. 😉

The Jewel Box at Mount Faber

Looking at how much the kids enjoyed themselves with just a packet of food for the fishes reminds me of the simple joys in life…

Hungry koi fish …

When my girl was done with the feeding, we moved on to our next stop – Henderson Waves. From The Jewel Box, turn left and you will see a traffic junction after a short walk. Turn right at that junction and follow the path to reach Henderson Waves on the right.

Taking a break …

A beautiful bird was spotted in a nearby bush

Finally, we made it to the Henderson Waves

After fifteen minutes, we finally reached Henderson Waves and to my surprise, there were actually quite a lot of people having picnics at the bridge itself. It was kinda weird to have picnic on a bridge, isn’t it? Anyway, it was getting rather late and we quickly took some photographs and had to hurry back home. Below are some shots taken at the bridge.

Another angle of Henderson Wave

Just when we were about to leave that place, we saw a group of Chinese tourists doing a mass jump at the bridge. Clarissa was very amused by them as I guess she probably didn’t know why did they have to jump. But it did give her some inspiration to do some dancing. See the photographs below … 😉

A Group of Tourists

Henderson Wave is fun. I will be back!

You can read my other blog entries on The Southern Ridges here.


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