Resolutions for 2012

Now that we are into the year 2012 and also the lunar year of the dragon, I wonder how will the year turn out for me. It will be good, as always. I am a firm believer that there are always two sides to a coin and my focus should be on the brighter side. As the chinese saying goes “塞翁失马,焉知非福”, once a decision is made, you will never know if that is a right decision simply because the other choice could be worse (or better). I choose to trust my judgement and believe that every decision I make is the right one (for me then) and move on. This year, I decided to be more systematic and plan out my resolutions for the year. I hope that by penning down these resolutions, it will give me the extra push to turn them into reality. 😉

1. Be Healthy

No more phlegm!

I had checked my medical claims history and realized that I was quite healthy for the most of 2011, except for the last two months. In fact, it was always the same problem – Sore throat, runny nose and the irritating phlegm! As I am writing this entry, I am still recovering from the cough/phlegm. This phlegm problem have plagued my life and hence the top of my resolution list is really to be healthy – To be phlegm free.

After some consultation of my best friend, google, I believe that the common causes of phlegm for me are either cold/flu or dryness. Besides drinking more water, I should really consume more fruits such as pineapples, lemons and oranges to help to diminish the symptoms of cold. I also realized that fresh lemon juice in a warm water helps to clear my phlegm. Try it the next time when you have that irritating phlegm. It works!

Just as a reminder to myself, I also found some interesting articles that claim pineapples actually help to clear the sinuses from mucus and reduce swelling. I am not sure how true it is as this opposes my understanding that pineapples are actually “heaty” in nature and will aggravate the swelling.

2. Blog More

Blog Blog Blog

The challenge that I have with blogging is that it usually takes me a few days or even weeks to complete just one entry. I guess there are a couple of reasons to this. Firstly, composition (or essay writing) is never my strong subject. Secondly, I usually write my entries when I have some pockets of time between my schedule. These pockets are usually of shorter duration and are never longer than an hour. I really would love to set aside three hours a week just to pen down my thoughts but I guess there are things which are more important.

2011 had been a meaningful year for me. I started this blog in April and had published 29 entries since; at a rate of about 3 entries per month. I thought that’s not too bad for a beginner. Well, I am going to better that in 2012; Beginning with this entry.

3. Exercise Regularly

Jogging at least once a week will be good

I don’t like to take medication and the best way to avoid medication altogether is to have a good health. I guess regular exercise holds the key to good health.

It had been a long time (3 years) since I had an regular exercise regime. My children’s transition to kindergarten, to primary school and my change in job are some of the reasons why I stopped exercising…. Ok, I know. These are just excuses. Now I am resolute to get back to my regular exercise regime.

Actually I did make a few attempts previously, but I fell sick shortly after I started jogging. I am not sure what’s the correlation and it’s not important. I want to get back to the healthy lifestyle – period.

Happy New Year

Last but not least, I wish you great health, prosperity and happiness in 2012. It will be a great year!


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