i Light Marina Bay 2012

There isn’t much you can do in Singapore. Really? Well, kind of. Singapore is a small island that lacks natural resources and attractions. We even have to import talents from overseas… At least that’s what our government thinks. Anyway, before I go out of topic (again), this entry is meant to be about i Light Marina Bay and don’t let me digress.Singapore is slowly transforming itself from a city of campaigns to a city of events. i Light Marina Bay is one such event where the theme is about energy savings. The objective is simple – to advocate environmentally-responsible behaviour for a sustainable future.As light art installations are distributed along the 3.5km Marina Bay waterfront promenade, be prepared to walk if you intend to see all of them. Despite making 2 trips to the bay, we couldn’t complete all the 25 light art installations as the installations are shutdown at 11pm.

Art Light Installation #27 – The Gate

Close your eyes, stand in front of The Gate and “feel” the hundreds of laser beams at you, it sure has an entrance effect; An entrance to enlightenment. It’s a simple and yet effective idea. 😉

The Gate – Teleportation?

The Gate – Back from the teleportation?

Art Light Installation #16 – enLIGHTenment

The kids will love this. Ask it a question and wait for the response from the enLIGHTed one … My children had so much fun asking questions and we, too, were amused by the questions and responses. Some of the questions they asked were :-

1. Does anybody have a crush on me? Response: Yes

2. Will I top my class? Response: Maybe

3. Am I a boy? Response: Perhaps

4. Will I get any presents for Christmas? Response: No

5. Am I stupid? Response: No Doubt

enLIGHTenment aka Oracle?

Question: Will I get any presents for Christmas?

Question: Does anybody have a crush on me?

Art Light Installation #15 – Key Frames

Among all the installations, this is probably the most entertaining. The creator cleverly used LED light tubes to create a display of stick men dancing with the music. This is a MUST-SEE.

Key Frames – All Lighted Up

This is a story of an olympics race

The winning moment

Art Light Installation #25 – Deck Journey

Located at the Marina Bay Sands, this installation is both practical and interesting. After a long walk, I am sure most people will appreciate these deck chairs. Lean back (on the chairs) and observe what happens. 😉

Deck Journey

Resting … A much needed one indeed. ^_^

Art Light Installation #18 – Garden of Light

Last but definitely not least is the Garden of Light. You can’t miss this gigantic 3D screen as you walk along the helix bridge. Compared to the other installations, this is much more grand but not much innovation. It’s beautiful and another MUST-SEE.

i Light Marina Bay runs from 9 March 2012 til 1 April 2012. Make this a family outing and hurry down to the bay area. You won’t regret it. Below are more photos taken at the event. I hope you enjoy them. 😉

21 – The Light Dam

26 – 5QU1D

22 – Flow

20 – BioShell


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