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BabyBoss is probably one of the best kept secrets of Taiwan. It’s basically a big learning centre for kids, where they get to experience the different types of professions such as astronaut, magician, archeologist, news broadcaster, bank teller, fireman, etc. For each profession, the kids will be given a quick briefing of the job and they are expected to execute their roles accordingly. Once they have completed their tasks, they will be “paid” and also receive a completion card. They can then use their “hard-earned” money to “buy” (or rather exchange for) some souvenirs.

The crowd just before the centre opens at 10am

Through our interactions with the parents at BabyBoss, most of them were surprised they learnt that we were not locals. Indeed, BabyBoss is not actively promoted by any tour agencies (at least not in Singapore). Personally, I think it’s as good as, if not better than, most of the themed parks in Taipei. A Taiwanese friend strongly recommended this place to us and now I am strongly recommending this place to anyone with kids below 10 years old.

Kids queueing to be astronauts

There are more than 50 professions to choose from and one day is just not enough. In fact, my kids only did 7 professions in 6 hours. 😦

For every profession, there is a schedule and a maximum capacity. Once the capacity is full, you will have to wait for the next one on the schedule. Also, parents are not allowed to queue on the child’s behalf. Chances are, once the kid has completed a job, the queues for the other immediate jobs will be full. In other words, there is no way for you to plan a back-to-back schedule.

Nevertheless, it was quite an experience for my kids and they had so much fun. According to them, that was definitely the most enjoyable day for them in our entire Taiwan trip.

The first profession that my kids did was the astronaut. Their mission was to bring some rocks from the moon back to Earth for the scientists to do some “research”. They had to wear the space suit, took the space shuttle (simulator) and finally walked on the moon. The experience for the parents was as exciting as it was for kids cos the kids were simply too cute!

Alycia in her space suit

The graduating astronauts

After a fun time moon-walking, my kids decided that they wanted to try some fire-fighting. In this job, the kids get to slide down the firepole, take the fire-engine to the “burning” house and finally put out the “fire”. It was quite realistic and fun, I must say.

Briefing on the roles of a fireman

Sliding down the firepole

Helmet on and ready for mission!

Putting out the fire

Danger … Please Keep Away

After two consecutive “masculine” professionals, the girls decided to try a more “feminine” job – air stewardesses. This is, probably, the only job that involves the parents, who will role-play as the airline passengers. Unfortunately, photography is not allowed in the mockup aircraft.

The training aircraft for air stewardess

Pilots and air stewardesses wannabe undergoing training

Ticket to the mock-up aircraft. Admission is strictly by tickets only.

Next, the kids had a go as a paramedic in a hospital’s emergency department. Clarissa was supposed to apply bandage for the casualty while Alyica was in charge of the stretcher.

Queueing for Emergency Personnel Paramedics

Give way to the ambulance. There is an emergency.

Attending to the injured boy

The injury. Looks bad.

Bringing the injured boy back to the hospital

Their next job was supposed to be an architect but it looked like a construction worker to me. LOL

What’s the relationship between an architect and a cement mixer ???

Briefing by the supervisor

The next job was definitely the children’s favourite. It was an ice-cream seller! Here, they learned the process of making ice-cream and of course, got to eat it at the end of the lesson. 😉

Learning the manufacturing process of ice cream

Finally, they got to eat the yummy ice cream

The kids and their hard-earned money and completion cards

Useful Information – BabyBoss:

Opening Hours:

  • 10:00-18:00 Monday to Thursday
  • 10:00-20:00 Friday to Sunday


  • MRT to Zhongxiaofuxing (忠孝復興) Station, exit 5 (In front of Land Bank)
  • Take the Free Shuttle Bus, ‘Living Mall Shuttle Bus’ to ‘Living Mall’.


For the same price, you get either a full day ticket on weekdays or half day ticket on weekends. If your schedule allow, do plan to go on a weekday. It will be less crowded and at the same time, you have the full day to enjoy place.

Depending on the crowd, you may have to allocate more interval time between each profession to take into consideration the queueing time.

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2 thoughts on “Taiwan – BabyBoss

  1. Oh wow it’s like Kidzania. There’s one big on in KL & Jakarta too (nearest to Singapore), or Japan. Now my question is does children need to speak Mandarin? Or is it available in English?

    • Yes, it’s similar to Kidzania. And No, it’s not available in English. Mandarin is the only language used for communication. In fact, the place is mainly for the local Taiwanese. Hope this helps.

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