Taiwan – Windsor B&B 温莎堡民宿

View from Windsor

We stayed a total of 3 days / 2 nights in Jiufen Windsor (温莎堡民宿) and due to its popularity, we couldn’t get the room for 2 consecutive nights. As a result, we had to stay in 2 separate rooms for the 2 nights. Luckily the owner was kind and helpful enough to help us with the moving of our luggage from one room to another. So a word of advice, do book earlier to avoid disappointment. We booked two months’ in advance, FYI. 😉

We chose Windsor as it has very good reviews on the Internet and more importantly, we like the setup of the rooms. You can check out their website for the various room designs. For the first night, we had a two-storey house and it was very tastefully done up. Like the name 民宿 implies, it had a very homely feel. The bathroom was very annoying though. Firstly, it had a see-through glass wall. Being the only guy in the family, the usage of the bathroom can get a little inconvenient. Luckily my girls are still young and thus we escaped with some little tricks called “distractions”. Then the bath-tub was also too deep and narrow. This made the bathing of the kids very tiring, especially on the back. Despite the inconvenience, it was generally a very pleasant stay. The place was clean and cosy.

The upper floor

The kids lazing around …

Comics in the room

The bath-tub

The lower floor

Our room for the second day was a very challenging one. It has a dual door concept where the first door opens to 4 rooms; 2 at the ground level and 2 at the lower level. The second door then opens to the individual room. Now, here comes the challenge. The rooms at the lower levels were accessible only via a very steep (almost 70°) staircase and unfortunately our room was one of those at the lower level. I don’t have a photo of the staircase to show its steepness but if you refer to the staircase in the photo above, i.e. in my first room, the staircase is much steeper than the one you see in the photo. Climbing (literally) up/down the stairs was fine and the challenge was really with the luggage …

In my opinion, that room was definitely not suitable for anyone with mobility issues and hence do take note if you intend to book a room with Windsor. They have a lot of rooms to choose from and do let them if you are traveling with people with mobility issues so that they can advise you accordingly.

Our room for the second night

Again, the room was nicely decorated

View from the balcony … See how bad the fog was?

Besides its strategic location (just 2 min walk from the Old Street), another pleasant experience we had with the accommodation was the breakfast. Though they served the same breakfast every day, the food was tasty and the great view overlooking the hills of Jiufen was just icing on the cake.

Our daily breakfast

View from the breakfast area

Map of Jiufen; Courtesy of Windsor

Useful Information – Windsor B&B (温莎堡民宿):

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2 thoughts on “Taiwan – Windsor B&B 温莎堡民宿

  1. Thanks for posting this information. We are planning a trip to visit Taiwan with kids this December. Your blog is a great help for us to plan our trip. You have a wonderful family.
    Best wishes,

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