Taiwan – Shifen Waterfall (十分瀑布)

Shifen Waterfall (十分瀑布)

Shifen waterfall (十分瀑布) is also known as the Little Niagara of Taiwan and well, I think it’s worthy of the nickname. Its curtain waterfall does resemble the real Niagara fall, albeit a much smaller scale. It is still very grand nevertheless. The waterfall is located in Pingxi District, near Shifen train station (along Pingxi line). From the station, head towards the shop houses at the old street and you should reach the waterfall in about 20 minutes. Please be warned that there isn’t any proper pavement for pedestrians and we were walking by the side of the road, with heavy vehicles zooming past. But not to worry, just be more careful and you should be ok.

Trust the direction from the signage; the distance is inaccurate though.

Spotted this holiday chalet along the way

Walking on the side of the road as there was no pavement.

While you are walking along the main road, keep a lookout for a sign on the right that will direct you onto a path that is off the road (See the photo on the right below for an idea and do note that the photo was taken when I was on the way back. Hence your view will be in a reverse angle). Go down the slope and continue along the path, you will come to a beautiful suspension bridge. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a nice view of the facade as the bridge was under renovation then. Beyond the bridge is a railway track and you are less than five minutes away from the waterfall.

A river stream leading to the waterfall

After the stream, you will see this railway track that leads you to the waterfall

Entrance to Shifen waterfall

Map of Shifen Waterfall

Shifen Waterfall – View from the top

A group photo – Does the waterfall look more majestic now?

Another view of the waterfall

A favourite spot for group photos

Our next stop was Taiwan Coalmine Museum where we sat on an authentic coal train.

Useful Information – Shifen Waterfall:

Opening Hours:

  • 08:00-17:30 daily


  • Alight at Shifen train station along Pingxi Line
  • Walk towards the direction of Shifen Old Street
  • Follow the direction of the road signs (See photos above)
  • Entire journey is about 20~30 minutes walk (one way)

Admission Charges: 

  • NT$100 per person

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