Taiwan – Keelung Bisha Fishing Port (基隆碧砂漁港)


Bisha Fishing Port (基隆碧砂漁港) is a relatively newly developed fish market in Keelung to serve the public with the freshest and cheapest seafood in Taiwan, as it was claimed. Since our plan was to visit Yehliu Geopark (野柳) in the afternoon, we decided to indulge ourselves and have a nice seafood lunch by making a slight detour to the fishing port.


From Jiufen, we took bus 1013 and set off for Keelung Bus Terminal. The journey took about 40 minutes and from the Keelung Bus Terminal, we took another bus 103 to Bisha Fishing Port. (Do note that the bus stop for bus 103 is located opposite the Bus Terminal, i.e. not within the main Bus Terminal building.) Now, here’s the tricky part. There isn’t any prominent landmark at Bisha Fishing Port and hence alighting may be a challenge. It’s better to get the bus driver or a local to inform you when you have arrived. Taiwanese, in general, are very friendly people and we never had any problems asking for directions. 😉

Keelung Bus Terminal

The Bus Stop for 103 is located opposite the Bus Terminal

Bus 103 – Again, it’s air-conditioned.

After some 20 minutes, we finally reached Bisha Fishing Port. There isn’t much to do at the port actually, other than seafood. Since we don’t know the area well, we asked a local (on the bus) for his recommendation for a seafood restaurant and he suggested Yu Pin Xuan (漁品軒). We trusted his recommendation as there was a big crowd at the restaurant.

Bisha Fishing Port (碧砂漁港)

Yu Pin Xuan (漁品軒) Seafood Restaurant

We ordered the set lunch for 6 people and the eight of us could hardly finish it. The meal was really value-for-money. 😉

The Set Luncheon Menu

After a satisfying lunch, we realized that it was a little late and thus we decided to take a taxi to Yehliu Geopark instead, which is the posting that is coming up next.

Useful Information – Yu Pin Xuan (漁品軒) Seafood Restaurant:

Opening Hours:

  • 10:00-22:00 daily


  • 基隆市中正區北寧路71號


  • 02-24697656


  • From Keelung Bus Terminal, take bus 103 (Journey is about 20 minutes)

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