Taiwan – Keelung Miaokou (基隆廟口) Night Market

Keelung Harbour

Taiwan has many night markets – big ones and small ones. Keelung (基隆) is no exception. The most popular night market in Keelung is Miaokou (廟口) and that was the reason why we chose that place to be our dinner place. As mentioned in the earlier post, we got a good deal to fetch us from Yehliu to the market for NT$100 each. The journey was very comfortable and most importantly, it saved us a lot of time! The map below is courtesy of the driver. 😉

Map of Keelung Miaokou Night Market

Keelung is the second largest port in Taiwan and hence Miaokou Night Market is famous for its wide variety of seafood. I had prepared a list of must-eat for this trip and guess what? We didn’t eat any of them! Well, I was to be blamed for this “disaster” actually. I went “trigger-happy” (with my camera) when we spotted some Taiwanese celebrities (吳宗憲, 李圣杰, Nono, etc) and I totally forgot about the time. My uncle’s family couldn’t wait and ended up having dinner at one of the local 面线 stalls. As a result, we neither had the time nor stomach for any other food … LOL.

Keelung Miaokou Night Market

Fried Tapioca – My uncle’s favourite

I can’t remember what’s this but I think it’s Fried Oyster Egg.

This trip to Miaokou night market can be considered as a flop since we didn’t get to eat what we planned and neither did we really explore the area. Depending on how you look at it, the trip can also be considered as hugely successful cos I had some rare close encounters with some of the Taiwanese celebrities …

Jacky Wu (吳宗憲)

Jacky Wu took over from the buskers …

Jacky Wu performing live …

So Jacky was filming his variety show “憲在你要吃什麽”

Just when I decided to call it a day and go back to the family, I spotted another celebrity at the other stall and there I went again … 😉

Singer Sam Lee (李圣杰)


Sam and Nono

Just before I left, I quickly took another shot of him 😉

After a night of “stargazing”, we went back to our accommodation in Jiufen via bus 1013 at Keelung Bus Terminal. I didn’t eat much but I was happy. ◕ิ‿◕ิ

Useful Information – Miaokou (廟口) Night Market:


  • From Keelung Bus Terminal, cross the road and walk towards the harbour (along ren er (仁二) road)
  • Continue to walk straight for about 10 minutes until you reach the junction of ren er (仁二) and ai san (愛三) road
  • You should see a McDonalds at the corner of the juntion.
  • Turn right into ai san (愛三) road and continue to walk for 3 minutes. You should see Miaokou (廟口) Night Market on your left

Recommended eateries in the night market itself:

  • Stall 2 Large Pork Intestines (大腸圈)
  • Stall 16 Tien Ji Tempura (王記天婦羅)
  • Stall 22 Shrimp with Thick Soup & Stew Pig Knuckles (蝦仁羹及滷豬􀀀)
  • Stall 26 Bean Sprout Thick Soup (豆簽羹)
  • Stall 27-3 Xing-Ji Ding Bian Cuo (刑記鼎邊銼)
  • Stall 27-2 Wu-Ji Ding Bian Cuo (鼎邊銼)
  • Stall 38 Chinese Vermicelli (麵線羹)
  • Stall 37 Shen’s Frothy Ice (沈記泡泡冰)
  • Stall 41 Chen-Ji Frothy Ice (陳記泡泡冰)
  • Stall 43 Shi-Sheng Sausage (世盛一口吃香腸)
  • Stall 45 Keelung Miaokou Ai Yu Jelly (基隆廟口愛玉冰)
  • Stall 48 Ke-Ji Shaved Ice (柯記刨冰)
  • Stall 49 Four God’s Soup and Meat Bun (柯記刨冰)
  • Stall 50 Lin-Ji Assorted Shaved Ice (林記刨冰總匯)
  • Stall 58 Healthy Sandwich (林記刨冰總匯)
  • Stall 60 Combo Spring Roll (什錦春捲)
  • Stall 62 Jin-Xing Sweet Fried Dough Cookie (金興)
  • Stall 66 Deep fried Rice Cake & Steamed Taro (油粿及芋粿)

Recommended eateries along 基隆 Ai Si Road (愛四路):

  • Stall 26 Xie He Three Brothers’ Sweet Bean Jelly (協和三兄弟豆花)
  • In front of Stall 30 Stew Eel Thick Soup (王記天婦羅)
  • In front of Stall 15 Ba Bao Green Bean Noodles (八寶冬粉)
  • In front of Stall 29 Ji-Jia Pig Knuckles (紀家豬􀀀原汁專賣)
  • In front of Stall 36 The Old Soldier’s Butter Crabs (老兵奶油螃蟹)
  • In front of Stall 52 Sticky Rice Ball Soup (全家福元宵)

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