Taiwan – Raohe Night Market (饒河夜市)

Raohe Night Market (饒河夜市)

Taiwan’s night market has a lot of nice food and our favourite by far is the black pig sausage (黑豬肉香腸). Ever since we tried it at Jiufen, we had been hunting for it at every night market. In terms of ranking, I would say the stall at Jiufen is the best and then followed by this one at Raohe Night Market. ◕ิ‿◕ิ

Black Pig Sausage (黑豬肉香腸)

Another must try is 炸蛋蔥油餅, which is basically onion in deep fried batter with a half-cooked egg. Though it’s simple, it’s incredibly delicious. The taste is a little like Roti Prata, except that it has a much more oomph! I love the runny egg inside and it was love at first bite (literally). 😉

Yummy runny egg inside …

There are many nice food in Raohe Night Market and one may be tempted to try everything. But please remember to save some stomach space for the famous Black Pepper Bun (福州世祖胡椒饼), which is located at one end of the street. Every bun is freshly baked in a traditional charcoal oven on the spot; freshness and tastiness are guaranteed. 😉

Expect long queue at the stall

The Famous Black Pepper Bun

Here are some other snacks we had at the market. Everything was nice, except for the ice-cream (see photo below) which was tasteless. The guava was very sweet and it goes well after the hot Black Pepper Bun.

Ice-cream that look better than it taste …

Sweetest Guava Ever

Raohe Night Market is actually quite small, about 600m one way and it can be easily covered in less than 2 hours. Despite its size, it’s one of the best night markets as the food is, really, fantastic. The only problem is accessibility as it is at least 30 minutes walk from the nearest MRT station. I would suggest you take a taxi, just like we did.

Useful Information – Raohe Night Market:

Opening Hours:

  • 16:00-00:00 daily


  • Take the normal train to Songshan Station (松山火車站)
  • Cross the road, Bade Road (Section 4) / 八德路四段
  • Alternatively, walk along ZhongPo North Road (中玻北) about 30 minutes from Houshanpi (後山埤) MRT station (exit: Wufenpu commercial district)

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