Taiwan – Ximending (西門町)

Red House Theater (西門紅樓)

Ximending (西門町), also known as the “Shibuya” of Taiwan, offers a different kind of shopping from the usual night markets such as Shilin Night Market. Here, you will find more modern and commercialized high rise buildings, as compared to push carts. Busking is also very common, especially near the MRT exits and intersections of the major streets. Karaoke, restaurants, concerts, pubs, etc are all available here. No wonder somebody said that Ximending is the most happening place in Taipei !

The first thing that we did was to head straight into Party World where I have heard so much about the awesome experience. Let’s put it this way, karaoke is a bustling business in Taiwan. Just like a hotel, Party World has a grand reception area and after we had registered, we were given our room at level 5. Wow! I wonder how many floors and rooms are there? By comparison, those karaoke outlets in Singapore (Party World included) seem rather paltry.

The Grand Reception at Party World

Our Room is at Level 5

Sanitized Microphones and the Disposable Cover

Our Room for Eight

Everybody had a good time, including the kids!

Although the sun was already set when we were done with our singing, our spirit was high as we knew the dinner was going to be awesome! We had already decided on a steamboat dinner before our trip and after much research, we decided 天外天精緻火鍋 (Steamboat Buffet) at Ximending shall be the one. I will cover the restaurant in more detail in a later post and for now, just take my word for it – It’s good!

It was already dark by the time we finished our singing and dinner

Actually, we went to Ximending twice in this trip. During the first time, we spent too much time at the karaoke and dinner, and we didn’t really explore the area well. We then went back to Ximending again the next day just to “finish” up whatever we had missed.

阿毛 and its restaurant

During our first trip, the kids wanted to have their figures made but the queue was too long. So we tried our luck again on the following day and luckily the queue was “not-too-bad” (i.e. waiting time about 1 hour). 😉

Clarissa and her figurine

Alycia and her figurine

The kids and the artist

Useful Information – Ximending (西門町):


  • Take MRT to 西門 station
  • Take Exit 6 to 西門紅樓

Useful Information – 天外天精緻火鍋:


  • 台北市昆明街76號2樓
  • Tel: 02-2314-0018

Opening Hours:

  • 1100 ~ 0400hrs


  • It’s actually quite tricky to locate the restaurant as it’s off the main shopping area. I suggest you check out their website and get your familiarized with the route beforehand.

Other Information

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