A Fun Activity with the Kids – Making Sushi Bread Roll

Sushi Bread Roll

First of all, here’s a wishing all mothers a Happy Mother’s Day. ◕ิ‿◕ิ

For my family, this year’s celebration is slightly different. This is a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Mother’s Day. The mommy of my kids decided to bake a cake, instead of buying one. My kids decided to wake up at 7am to prepare a surprise breakfast for their mommy, instead of waiting to be served. Personally, I don’t believe in Mother’s Day, or for that matter any other celebrations, including Father’s Day. To me, being happy or filial should be an everyday affair. I don’t believe in celebrating it only on special occasions. However, when the kids wanted to prepare something special for the special day, I thought it was a great idea to bond with them and agreed immediately.

This “Sushi Bread Roll” recipe is really simple and kids should be able to do it without much problems. First, let’s take a look at the ingredients. Carrots and Japanese Cucumbers are chosen because they are crunchy and refreshing. Most importantly, they can be eaten raw, i.e. there is no need for any cooking over the stove. Depending on your preference, you have a lot of choices for the filling; anything from peanut butter to tuna, sardines and hard-boiled eggs. We used ham and mayonnaise and the taste was great!

The Ingredients

Another key ingredient for this dish is the bread, which will be used to roll up the “Sushi”. First, cut off the crust and then flatten it with a rolling pin. Be careful not to over-flatten it as thin bread breaks easily during the rolling.


Before and After

Before you proceed to the next step, make sure you have the following items prepared and easily accessible or else things will get messy. You have been warned … 😉

  • Carrot, cut into strips of length about the width of the bread
  • Cucumber, cut into strips of length about the width of the bread
  • Bread with crust removed and flattened
  • Mayonnaise
  • Main filling, such as Ham
  • Knife
  • Chopping Board

Ingredients are easily accessible

Spreading the filling

Put some mayonnaise near the edge of the bread to seal the roll

Do not put too much filling on the bread so that it’s easier to roll up. Also, make sure that roll is tight and the fillings are nicely tugged inside the roll.



All Nicely Rolled Up

Cutting each roll into 3 equal pieces

The end product

What you need

  • Mayonnaise (or any other sauce such as peanut butter or jam)
  • Ham (or any other filling such as tuna or mushroom)
  • Carrot , cut into long strips
  • Cucumber, cut into long strips
  • Bread, with crusts removed
  • A rolling pin, to flatten the bread
  • A chopping board

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