Bali – Pandawa Beach

Our plan was to reach our next destination, Uluwatu Temple, at dusk as we wanted to watch the Kecak Dance at 6pm. However, we were too early; it was barely 12pm after our educational trip to the turtle conservancy centre. We had 2 choices to keep us occupied for the next few hours, we can either visit the Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park (GWK for short) or a  beautiful “secret” beach recommended by our guide; one that is unknown to many. We opted for the latter.

So this “secret” beach turned out to be Pandawa Beach, which is located at Kutuh Village, en route to Uluwatu Temple. This beach was originally a “secret” as its accessibility was limited. But now, the government has already earmarked and developed this place into another tourist attraction with good accessibility to the beach front via a wide road. There are even scenic stops along the way for shutterbugs like me ! 

Shops selling everything that you will ever need at a beach, ranging from swimming gears, costumes, snacks and drinks.

Beach chairs are available for rental at 50,000 IDR for 2 chairs and 1 umbrella

BBQ corns at 10,000 IDR each. This is very good. A must try!


Temples are everywhere in Bali, including beaches.

Depending on what would you like to do at a beach, I believe there are activities aplenty to suit everybody, ranging from eateries to seasport activities like kayaking. For us, walking along the beach, picking seashells and enjoying the cool breeze was good enough to spend a few hours. 🙂

Relaxing under a beach umbrella

Kayaking or walking or swimming ? You have them all.

Another interesting observation in Bali is that seaweed farming seems to be a common trade in Bali. I saw a lot of them at the fishing town near the turtle conservancy and again, they were spotted here at Pandawa beach.

Interesting algae patch by the sea

Seaweeds found on the beach

Nice, clean sand

Useful Information – Pandawa Beach : 

Estimated traveling time by car:

  • Serangan  Pandawa Beach: 100 minutes

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