Bali – Wood Carving Village (Mas Village)

Nearly every native of Bali is an artist, in one form or another. This is especially evident in Ubud area where there are art and crafts aplenty, ranging from paintings to wood/gold/silver carvings to batik printings. I am not a person who appreciates art but I have travel mates who are. Thus for this trip, we planned to visit some of these artists at work.

Our first stop was the gold / silver carving village. I was actually quite disappointed as it was more like a shopping trip than educational one. We didn’t see anybody doing their usual craft. Instead, we only saw cabinets of gold and silver accessories selling at ridiculously high price. There were no demonstrations, no guides and nobody doing any craft. We left the place in less than 10 minutes.

Luckily our next stop was much better where we were brought to a family in the wood carving village. There was, at least, a spokesperson who brought us around his work-place and made some introductions to his craftsmen, all of whom are his cousins. He also introduced  the various types of wood and their characteristics, but I was just busy enjoying the architecture of the house while my travel mates were the better students. ◕ิ‿◕ิ

A family of wood carvers

Is artistic talent hereditary? I think it can be learned. For this family of wood carvers, every single member of the family started wood carving at a young age and by the time they turned into adults, they would have picked up a trick or two from their seniors.

The two tones on this piece of wood is natural

Their skills and control of strength are simply amazing

Young children start their wood carving training with animals like these

These are more advanced carvings

Another wood carvings with lots of details

More variety

Art is generally a family business in Bali and many family members (children, uncles, aunties, cousins, etc) typically stay together within the same compound, which is typically self-contained with temple, rooms, farms, and so on.

This man is the head of the household

This is the master bedroom for the grandparents


A group photo in front of one of the bedrooms

Useful Information  : 

Artist Villages:

  • Wood Carvings: Mas Village
  • Silver & Gold Carvings: Celuk Village
  • Stone Carvings: Batubulan Village


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