Bali – Ubud Centre and Market

Ubud (pronounced as “Woo-Bood”) is a small town in central Bali, about one hour drive from Kuta. There are three main streets in the Ubud town: Jl Raya Ubud, Jl Monkey Forest and Jl Hanoman, which forms a circle around the town. From the google map below, the street “Jl Wenara Wana” should be the same as “Jl Monkey Forest”. 

Our guide dropped us just outside the Monkey forest, i.e. Jl Monkey Forest, and a leisure walk round the town (clockwise) took us about 2 hours, excluding the time we spent in the Ubud palace and Dirty Duck restaurant. Hopefully this will give you an idea on how much to spend in this serene town.

As a cultural centre of Bali, you can find a lot of shops selling art pieces like paintings, wood carvings, hand-made dresses and accessories. If you are a shopper (especially ladies), then this might just be the place for you. There are a lot of individual shops or boutiques that sell pretty unique items and I guess most of them are handmade, and that’s why.

Besides shopping, there are also a lot of spas and cafes. Walk, shop, drink and then massage. Sounds good? Well, this is the place then. 🙂


Shops like this are common in Ubud

Another shop

A shop-owner making her daily offerings to the god

An interesting household where there are 2 entrances due to the sloping ground

Walking further along the road, we reached the Ubud Market, which is located near the junction of Jl Monkey Forest and Jl Raya Ubud. Generally, I think this place sells more factory-made products. Even the paintings sold here seem to be mass produced with uncanny similarities. 🙂 

We were told to bargain at this place but the prices seemed to be already quite reasonable (by the local standard). We bought some items and we didn’t bargain much, i.e. 10% ~ 20% or just rounding amount. Maybe it was because we were early (and possibly one of the first few customers for the day) and that’s why the prices they quoted were quite reasonable. Or maybe this is really the place to shop. Whatever it is, your mileage may vary and this information is just for your reference. 

Ubud Market

Another view of Ubud Market

T-Shirts, shawls and scarves are found in Ubud Market

Ornaments found in Ubud Market

Not sure if fatigue was the cause, but none of us was in the shopping mood that day. We were done with our shopping in less than 20 minutes in this market, which is not very big to begin with.

Anyway, just diagonally across the road is the Ubud Palace where the admission is free and it’s not too bad a place to explore if you have some time to spare. That’s my next post by the way, stay tuned !
Useful Information – Ubud Centre : 

General Information:

  • Opening hours: Most of the shops are open by 11am
  • Convenience stores and money changers are available
  • Transportation within the Ubud centre is not necessary. We could cover the area easily on foot, with plenty of rest stops like cafes and restaurants.
  • There are many performances in Ubud. You can refer to this link for details.

Estimated traveling time by car:

  • Kuta  Ubud Centre : 60 minutes

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