Bali – Ubud Monkey Forest

We have quite a few members in our group who are terrified of monkeys, let alone close encounters with them. So you may have guessed, the Monkey Forest was not in our original plan. But since we had some time before our dinner at Jimbaran, we managed to convince them to go for it anyway. As it turned out, the experience wasn’t as daunting as we had imagined. In fact, I find the monkeys were not as aggressive as those in Uluwatu. Just relax, don’t bring any food and walk through the forest quietly; leave the monkeys alone and they will leave you alone too. I think you will be fine, really.

Entrance to the Monkey Forest

As with most other attractions in Bali, there is an element of integrity when it comes to admission charges. After we bought the tickets at the entrance booth (see photo above), there is no more gates or check-points. In fact, I had the tickets intact with me even after I left the forest. Sometimes, I really wonder will anybody know if I didn’t buy the ticket or I bought insufficient tickets? Since the charges are quite reasonable and of course we are people with integrity, we bought the full tickets. 🙂

 The so-called “forest” is more like a park; no dirt tracks and everything is very well maintained. For that matter, we didn’t even see any monkey poops on the pavement. Instead, we saw monkeys everywhere.

A baby monkey

Looking at how these monkeys behave sometimes put us (as human beings) to shame; at least they know how to treat each other with respect, look after each other and perhaps more importantly, not afraid to show their love, affection and care for each other openly. Human beings, sometimes, are too skeptical and often double guess each other’s well intentions. Sigh.

Monkeys grooming each other

A family

And did I mention before that temples are everywhere in Bali? So right in the centre of the forest is yet another temple. This temple was locked and although I could see devotees inside, I couldn’t get in.

A temple inside Monkey Forest

Now, for those who are afraid of monkeys and don’t believe me when I said you will be alright if you leave the monkeys alone, take a look at the photo below. These are my travel mates who are afraid of monkeys and see how excited (or brave if you like) they have become? LOL.

Who can resist the cute monkeys ?

It’s gonna be kinda weird if there is no “monkey business” in this forest/park that is full of monkeys, right? Fret not. For the more adventurous ones, you can buy some bananas from the store at the entrance and have a ball of time with the monkeys. You can take a look at the photos below to get some ideas. 🙂


This monkey conveniently sat on this tourist’s shoulders to eat the banana … LOL.


A group photo with the local kids

Image Source:

Useful Information – Ubud Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary:  

General Information:

  • Open hours: 8.00am to 6.30pm daily
  • Address: Jalan Monkey Forest, Padangtegal, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia (80571)
  • Admission Charges: There is a nominal entrance fee (something like IDR15,000 if I didn’t remember wrongly)


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