Bali – Jimbaran Seafood at Ganesha Cafe


Ganesha Cafe

So I have come to the last night of our 5-days-4-nights Bali holidays and we finally got to eat the famous grilled seafood at Jimbaran. The weather for the past three days had been rather erratic and we always had to postpone this dinner due to the bad weather.

Rows of tables at the beach

We came with great anticipation; and with great expectation come great disappointment. The ambience was fantastic, no questions on that – dinning by the sea, waiting for sunset, everything was perfect, until the food was served.

 There are many seafood restaurants in Jimbaran, all serving the same food;  lined up in a row. Our driver brought us to Ganesha Cafe, which is the first one as you approach the stretch of restaurants. Let’s start with the positives first – ambience. We arrived at about 5pm and it was freaking hot and sunny. Being their first customer, we had the privilege to choose any table we wanted and we even got them to move one of the beach umbrellas to us. Their service is not fantastic but definitely not rude either. I am perfectly okay with their service as they were, at least, responsive to our requests.

Not all tables come with an umbrella and we had to request for one.

Another thing I like about this place is that there is no pressure for you to finish your meal quickly. We took our time to play at the beach, sip cold ice lemon tea while waiting for the sun to set. One thing that we grew to love in Bali is their grilled sweet corn (or “jagung” in Bahasa), which is usually sweet and juicy. If you come across one, try it and you will thank me for giving you this recommendation. 🙂

“jagung” man (again)

Grilled Sweet Corn over Traditional Charcoal

Yum yum …

That’s about all the positives that I can think of and let’s talk about the “no-so-good” areas, shall we? Firstly, it rained just before the sun set. OMG, we didn’t get a single view of the sunset for our entire trip! Okay, this is really nobody’s fault and in fact, we were quite lucky to “grab” the last available table which was inside the restaurant. There were families who were slower than us that had to settle for tables outside, where they were only partial sheltered.

Choosing our seafood

Secondly, which is also the most disappointing reason, the food sucks! This was the only meal in our entire trip that we didn’t finish everything.

Grilled Squid

I almost fainted when I was served with this plate of grilled squid. There was no presentation, no taste and it was very difficult to chew. Then came our grilled chicken & fish (see photos below), which were everything but appetizing.

Grilled Chicken

Grilled fish

BBQ Crab

Grilled Prawns

Then we forgot that chilli is basic part of  Balinese diet. Thus their definition of BBQ is the same as BBQ with chilli; their definition of stir-fried vegetable is the as good as stir-fried vegetable with chilli. I think you get the idea. Chilli is automatically added to any style of cooking. 😦

Imagine we had a table full of food, but there was nothing that the kids could eat. So I guess this was the real “killer” for the night. If you have the chance to read this post before your trip, please do take note of these experiences we had and hopefully you will have a better time (than us).

Obviously their prayers for good weather didn’t really work … 🙂

Enjoying herself before the rain

Music by the beach for a small token

Jumping – A must for every trip. 🙂

Night view of the restaurant

And the star for the night goes to … ** drum roll ** … Jagung !


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