Bali – Kuta Paradiso Hotel Bali


Kuta Paradiso Hotel Bali

For the 5 days that we spent in Bali, we stayed in only one hotel and that’s Kuta Paradiso Hotel Bali, which is located at the South Bali, Kuta. I reckon most people would choose to move from place to place as they travel in Bali, just to experience the different types of accommodation such as resort, villa, spa, etc. For us, it was a conscious decision to stay put at a resort and not to move every other day. In hindsight, we should have chosen to stay in one of the villas for 1~2 nights and saved us a few hours of traveling each day.

What’s great about this hotel is definitely its location; centrally located in Kuta area. If you turn right upon leaving the hotel, you will reach the Discovery Mall in 5 minutes. If you turn left, you will reach Kuta square in about the same time. Shopping, restaurants (Chinese, Japanese, Western, Seafood, etc) are easily available in the vicinity of the hotel. If you head towards the back of the hotel, you will reach the famous Kuta beach in less than 5 minutes. Really, I couldn’t ask for a better location than this. 🙂

Our super big double super-singles bed

The hotel staff helped to join the 2 beds for us

We booked the room via one of the online travel sites and the system didn’t allow us to specify our requirements very clearly then. We wanted a king-sized bed, but were given 2 single beds. The hotel staff, however, was very kind and helped us to put the 2 single beds together so that it became a super king-sized bed. Kudos to them for their great hospitality and affability.

A good spread of food

Good variety of condiments for the porridge

Egg station

Local Balinese Delights

Tropical fruits served in a fruit carving bowl

Snake fruit, or Salak

On one hand, the front-desk staff was very helpful and made special arrangement to accede to our request for the room configuration. On the other hand, they were also very “inflexible” in some of their policies.

Breakfast was included in our booking. However, it was only for 2 people per day and we had 4 in each room. In other words, 2 of us from each family ( remember that we had 2 families? ) won’t be able to enjoy the complimentary breakfast. Even though we had a total of 4 nights x 2 guests x 2 rooms = 16 vouchers, we can’t swap or combine our vouchers. The hotel’s policies are very rigid and it’s strictly 2 guests per day, based on the breakfast vouchers which were dated. Despite our appeal and reasoning, the front-desk simply refused to budge.  So much so for “customer service”, eh?

Anyway, we tried our luck the next morning and we gave them our daily voucher for 2, but with 4 of us walking into the restaurant. Guess what? It worked cos they didn’t even bother to check ! We did that for the next 3 mornings and the success rate was 100%. Now, your mileage may vary and please don’t quote me if you are caught for trying to “smuggle” into the restaurant.

As you can see from the photos above, their breakfast is very good and they have a very good spread  from International to Chinese to the local Balinese food. It’s your loss if you can’t enjoy the breakfast. 🙂

Carvings like this are very common in Bali

Besides a good breakfast spread, the hotel also has a very nice swimming facility. We spent a fun morning on our last day at the pool; playing water games such as basket-ball and volley-ball. These games are available on a first come first serve basis and there is no formal rental process for the balls – finders keepers, losers weepers, simple as that. But do remember that we are all civilized people and thus let’s share our “loot” when you are the “finder”. Sharing is, afterall, one of the virtues that we want to teach our children, right?

Nice pool

How about a game of basket-ball ?

I am not too bad, eh ?

Pool volley-ball ?

Yes, I got the ball …

Generally, I like the hotel. It’s spacious. It’s centrally located amongst the amentities like shops, pharmacies, money-changers, restaurants, malls and perhaps most importantly, the Kuta beach.

Kuta beach in the morning

Kuta beach with its myriad of activities like para-sailing, kite-flying and surfing.

Temples are found everywhere in Bali, beach included. Thus, if you are also into photography, do spend some time in the early morning walking around the vicinity of the hotel and be in awe by some of the architectures.

A typical Balinese temple

A peek into the backyard of rich family

A small temple at a road junction

Ok, that’s all I have for my 5 day trip in Bali. I am sure I will be back to this beautiful island again and next time, I shall stay in a villa ! 🙂

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