Chicky Fellow

Cheeky gal

Clarissa: Daddy, I have a riddle for you …
Me: Ok, what’s the riddle?

Clarissa: Who gives presents to children?
Me: God?
Clarissa: No
Me: Santa Claus?
Clarissa: No
Me: OK … I know. The answer is …. “Me – Daddy!”
Clarissa: NO!
Me: I know the answer is “Me” … You cheater!

Clarissa: No … I didn’t tell you the whole question. The question is “Who gives presents to children … and gobbles them up!!!” All your answers are wrong. Hahahahaha …
Me: @#$%$@^@^@

BTW, Clarissa was born in the year of rooster, i.e. little chicky fellow, and the¬†answer to the riddle is …. Santa Jaws